Grace Afsari-Mamagani



Hi, I’m Grace.

I’m a project manager, educator, and researcher living and working in New York City. I specialize in projects that use technology in thoughtful and critically robust ways, particularly in service of education, cultural heritage preservation, and community development. In the past, I’ve collaborated with universities, nonprofits, municipal agencies, and private sector businesses committed to social impact.

My skills and experience include: cross-platform marketing campaign design and management; user experience research and design; creative asset production and content generation; art and library collections management; event planning and execution; and technology integration consulting in higher education.

As an instructor in the undergraduate classroom, I use literature and other cultural artifacts to help students think about how we learn to know things, reminding them that the organization of information is never perfectly neutral or transparent. I’ve taught courses in critical data studies, American literature, and “Western” philosophy, in addition to K-12 classes in ESL and digital publishing.

I’m currently a doctoral candidate in American literature at NYU, where my scholarship examines relationships between contemporary literature, critical race and feminist theory, and interaction and information experience design. I’m interested in the applications of humanities methodologies for designing and building digital educational resources. I also have formal and informal training in interaction design, data management, and user experience best practices.

I’m a project manager for the NewYorkScapes research collaborative, founder of the Digital Culture/s Colloquium at NYU, 2018-2020 HASTAC Scholar, former Polonsky-Brine Digital Humanities fellow, and former Modern Language Association Connected Academics fellow.