Hi, I'm Grace. I'm a PhD student in English and American Literature at New York University working in the intersection of contemporary literature (primarily narratives foregrounding experiences of dislocation, immigration, and race in the urban environment) and digital tools and visualizations. I am especially interested in the epistemological, hermeneutic, and ontological implications of 20th- and 21st-century literature, poetics, and critical theory for web- and mobile-based interaction design, curriculum development and pedagogy, and public humanities programs. I'm also a big believer in using technology to facilitate decentered, collaborative storytelling and activism in contexts ranging from social media campaigns to digital archives. Currently, my work explores the potential of JavaScript visualization libraries to enable alternative models of representing geospatial information and the lived experience of urbanity in New York City.

Beyond the academy, my professional experience includes K-12 tutoring and classroom teaching, community organizing, digital and cause marketing, corporate social responsibility, publication and creative asset production, museum collections management, and content curation and generation.

For information about my projects and examples of work, please view this site on a full-width screen.

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